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The Most Important New Year’s Resolution: Make an Estate Plan in 2021

Making New Year’s resolutions is a tradition almost as firmly implanted in our culture as breaking New Years resolutions.  One thing you can do to make sure you accomplish some of those things on your list is to focus on checklist items, things that can be done all at once and immediately improve your life.  Make an estate plan and you will be surprised to find that it is one of those things.

Estate planning hangs over our heads, especially during the current pandemic.  Everyone knows it’s important and everyone means to get to it at some point.  But what most people do not learn until after they have made their plan is how genuinely good it feels to have it done.  It’s more than getting it off your to-do list.  My clients are incredibly relieved when they make an estate plan.  Putting a plan in place that ensures that your property is protected, your wealth is going where you want, and that your kids are going to get it when you want with the lest amount of expense and hassle, just feels great!

Take advantage of the annual tradition of resolutions.  Contact an estate planner and get the process going.  Failing to plan can lead to delay and expense for your family.

Estate planning can be done quickly, safely, and reasonably. To make an estate plan only requires a couple of phone calls and video conferences, even in the pandemic.  COVID-19 has led to new rules that allow clients and attorneys to work together remotely, even for the signing and notarization of documents.  Modern tools like Zoom, email, and scanning mean that you can go from no plan to fully protected in a matter of a few weeks without ever leaving your home.

2021 will continue to challenge families as 2020 did.  When you make a will you can take a little bit of control back from this situation that has seen so uncontrollable.  Including things like medical directives and powers of attorney in your plan, in addition to making a will, can give your family added protection and comfort.

Add making a will to your list of New Years resolutions for 2021, and start a new tradition of actually accomplishing some of those goals for the new year.

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