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To receive a Naperville estateNaperville Estate Planning Consultation planning consultation, I encourage you to book a call by completing the form below. This will be a 20 minute conversation where my goal will be to answers your estate planning questions, learn more about your specific estate planning needs, and the determine the best way to move forward for you. If an estate planning consultation is the best way to move forward, my next goal will be to set up an in-person consultation, which I make myself available to do in your home or wherever is easiest for you. To begin this process, select the most convenient time for you to speak with Naperville estate planning attorney Robert J. Varak over the phone. After selecting your time, you will be prompted to then complete the Estate Planning Priorities quiz to lock in your appointment to speak with Naperville Estate Planning Attorney Robert J. Varak. Once completed, I would also encourage you to subscribe to our blog and follow us at our Facebook page, “The Law Offices of Robert J. Varak.” These are both extrememely helpful resources for our clients who want to stay up to date with the latest changes in Estate Planning in Naperville, Illinois.