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Since every family needs to plan for the future, working with  your lawyer should be a convenient, speedy and comfortable process.  Working with an experienced and skilled attorney used to mean taking time during your workday to travel to an often inconvenient location. Your lawyer would have an extensive (and expensive) staff of secretaries and paralegals, many of whom would be doing a significant amount of the work that you were paying the lawyer to do. Getting a phone call through to your attorney used to mean navigating a maze of secretaries, receptionist and associates, or sending an e-mail that may go unreturned for days.  My practice demolishes this old way of doing business.  I meet with clients at their homes on their schedule. Clients tend to prefer evening and weekend appointments, and I am happy to provide them. I answer my own phone and e-mail, which means I am immediately and directly in contact with my clients.  I draft every document myself, which means that no portion of your important work is done by any non-attorney staff. Clients should not have to sacrifice their comfort and convenience for access to a quality attorney

Estate Planning

​Most people mistakenly think that only the very wealthy need to think

about estate planning. They could not be more wrong. Every family needs

to think about the issues involved with estate planning. 

You are the ones who should be making important decisions about your

property, your children and your healthcare.  If you don’t make these decisions,

government will make them for you.  Estate planning

is the way that we make sure that your wishes are respected.  I will assist you in making sure that you, and only you, make the decisions that will decide who will take care of your children, preserve your family’s wealth from taxation, distribute your property exactly the way that you want, and ensure that all of your wishes about your healthcare are followed, even if you are not able to speak for yourself due to illness or injury. Preserving your family’s future requires a comprehensive plan.  My clients have included those of modest means as well as high net-worth families.  In order to service this wide range of clientele, I use a wide range of products, including living trusts, powers of attorney, charitable trusts, life insurance trusts, special needs trusts and family limited partnerships.