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Business Law

​Crafting a legal solution to a business issue is not as easy as finding the answer by legal research.  A real legal solution to a business issue means that the lawyer must understand the business implications of his counsel and his actions.  In nearly two decades of working with businesses, entrepreneurs and employees, I have learned how to consider not only the law, but the unique needs of my clients, at every step of the counselling process. 

I've had experience as a litigator and as a transactional attorney, giving me an understanding of how to provide the most sound and practical advice to my clients.  The subject matter covered during my representation of these clients extends from business formation to dissolution.  I've represented employers and employees,managed international business relationships, negotiated contracts with entities in Europe and Asia, drafted licensing agreements for intellectual property and created shareholder agreements.  I've litigated against Wall Street brokerage firms and on behalf of Fortune 500 corporations in cases ranging from securities fraud to banking, ERISA disputes to trademark violations. 

I have operated as de facto general counsel to a number of corporations, including international corporations in the healthcare, retail and service sectors.  In all of these roles I have endeavored to provide sound legal counsel to my clients to allow them to make the best possible business decisions with confidence.  I have been able to provide comprehensive representation to them, assisting them with their employment concerns, intellectual property protection, contract negotiations and regulatory obligations.  At every turn I retain the understanding that my legal advice needs to be contextualized by the unique business environment of the client and that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.